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Work with me and Hurray Media! Here’s what I love to do and can do for you…

{Host & Guest Expert}

Hosting and making TV appearances are two of my favorite things! Webisodes, broadcast television, DVD series, and promotional spots all need a host with a friendly face, a connection with the camera, and a true desire to share the topic at hand. That’s me. And when it comes to sharing my lingerie, swimwear and bra fitting experience, I just can’t get enough. “Braducating” the masses is my passion. From helping women learn how to shop for bras, to finding their confidence in a swimsuit – spreading my message of “feeling great on the inside, outside and underneath it all” as a host and guest expert truly makes my heart sing.

Here are a few of my most favorite host and guest expert spots….

Braducational Videos (written, produced and hosted by Kim Caldwell)

Here are a few of my TV, radio and Internet appearances:

Here is my Hosting and Guest Expert reel:

Kim Caldwell press mentions

I’d love to share your product or brand with the world. Let’s work together! Email me and let’s get going!

{Blogging and Writing}

Need a guest post, an amazing ongoing column, copy for your website, or content for your blog? I’m your girl. With years of experience in fashion, women’s issues, bra fitting, swimwear, body image and lifestyle, I tailor my posts and advice for your readers and your brand. I know how to talk to your ideal customers, and share the content that matters, that will inspire your readers to take action. I use my over 9 years of bra fitting and fashion experience with a dose of wit a and a splash of sass to advise, educate (even “bradcuate”), and inspire women to feel and look their very best.

  • Check out my on going column, Hurray for Lingerie, on Lingerie Briefs.
  • Read my posts on Linda Unhooked, including my Braducational Video series posts. Written, produced and hosted by yours truly. Also, I’ve been the written voice of Linda “the Bra Lady” Becker since August 2011. This blog includes petty much the most important things you need to know about your bras and your bust. I poured my years of advice from the bra fitting room into each and every post.  Be sure to read my post on finding your confidence in your swimsuit.
  • Read my guest post on learning to love your body and your cup size on

Interested in working together?  Send me an email – I can’t wait to hear from you!

{Social Media Services}

I love helping brands communicate with their fans – and growing that fan base! A vibrant social media presence validates your brand’s authenticity. It can also vamp up promos, get you press mentions, and even major sales. Leverage the rich data on the most popular social media sites by partnering with Hurray Media. Let me manage your social media and share your message. Here’s how I can help:

  • Social Media page and account creation
  • Community management: responses, messages, posts, brand reputation
  • Sales: share your products, earn more sales
  • Services offered for: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube

Who I love working with: Small businesses and solopernuers, boutiques, women own brands, lingerie companies, businesses that strive to make a difference in their clients lives, brands with a positive message, companies who love interacting with their customers and wish they had the time to thank each one personally.

Who is not a great fit for Hurray Media: Giant companies, businesses who are solely looking to make money and are not interested in helping their customers, businesses that promote illegal or unkind products or services.

Interested in working together? Send me an email and let’s get the conversation started!

MORE! I have a long work history filled with lots of lingerie, fashion and marketing experience. Want the whole scoop? Visit my LinkedIn profile – and let’s connect!