Hurray for Lingerie Q&A

Host, Script by Kimmay

Production, Videography, and Editing by It’s Relevant TV

I took real questions from Hurray Kimmay readers and women I know and answered them in this video series. Shot in NYC with producer Karin Garfin and the It’s Relevant team. A total of 8 short, informative videos, shot in one day.

Hurray Kimmay TV

Host, Script, Production, Videography, and Editing by Kimmay

Informational lingerie brand overviews, bathing suit advice, motivation and positivity, and more. This is my own video series, started long before I even started Hurray Media marketing for lingerie brands. Now, it’s a tool for spreading the message about brands I support!

Braducational Videos

Host, Script, Production by Kimmay

Videography, and Editing by Sharp Shooter Pictures

One of my earliest video projects! While I was the marketing director for Linda the Bra Lady, I created a video series to help educate bra shopping customers, reach online customers, and provide customer service with easy tools for answering hundreds of emails. I’m so proud of this 15 video project. It has hundreds of thousands of views and has been a huge help for women all over the world.

Elila Videos

I have created dozens of videos with full figured lingerie brand, Elila. Including: Group videos, utilizing behind the scenes footage from a photo shoot and model images; product videos with informational slides and clear voice over; behind the seams videos showcasing the talent of the Elila team and the upcoming styles. In addition, we created a brand video with clear instructions for the consumer to ensure they get the right bra size the first time.

These videos are currently being showcased on sites like, and as a sales aid, and in Elila digital and social marketing.

Elila product, group, and behind the seams videos

Videography, production, editing, and VO by Kimmay

Elila Fitting Video

Production, VO, and script by Kimmay

Videography and Editing by Around Digital Media

The Lingerie Journal Videos

The Lingerie Journal Curve booth videos

Script and hosting by Kimmay

Production, Video, and Editing by Around Digital Media

The Lingerie Journal Eurotique Video

Hosting by Kimmay

I partnered with The Lingerie Journal on The Buyer’s Guide project, which created written and video content for brands leading up to, during, and after the Curve Expo to attract more buyers and engage consumers.

More Than My Numbers videos

More Than My Numbers campaign videos

Direction, production, casting, and campaign creation by Kimmay

Video, and Editing by Next Round Studios

These videos were an important element to the More Than My Numbers project and beautiful captured a taste of the deep, powerful stories each campaign participant shared. Kimmay crafted the campaign and the videos, and worked with the female audio and visual team of Next Round to create each video.


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