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Put your company in front of thousands of inspired women

Align your brand with an empowering movement

Support a cause that is making a positive, global impact

Increase traffic and conversions on your site

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You are a great fit for the More Than My Numbers project!

What is the #MoreThanMyNumbers project? 

#MoreThanMyNumbers is a photo, video, blog post, and social media campaign created by bra fitter and lingerie marketer, Kimmay Caldwell of Hurray Kimmay. Participants share their stories around numbers and how they are learning to view them as information, not a definition, including their bra size. Each woman shares her story in an in depth and emotional dedicated blog post, video, and series of photos. The overall message is uplifting, inspiring, and body positive.

in addition to each story, Kimmay has created bra fitting and sizing resources to help women find their bra size starting points and purchase bras that fit well and feel great.

The #MoreThanMyNumbers campaign goals:

Encourage women to know but not be defined by their bra size and measurements, and other numbers

Educate women on how to find a bra size starting point use it to make purchase bras

Engage women to take and share their own measurements and purchase their new bra size

Align brands brands with an educational and inspirational campaign

Introduce brands to consumers in a positive and exciting way

Erase the fear of customer purchasing and increase customer satisfaction with bra fit, and brand education

The logistics: How we’ll highlight your brand

Through a series of special posts on the campaign landing page and Hurray Kimmay site, we’ll highlight the stories and each sponsor one by one. These posts will roll out throughout 2017, continually inspiring readers and creating more interest on social media and the #MoreThanMyNumbers landing page.

Landing Page

Dedicated landing page with all campaign content, messaging, and CTAs

Professional photos and video

Our top notch production team will create photos and video featuring a participant wearing the sponsor’s product

Dedicated Post

Each post is dedicated to one participant and her story about numbers, and one sponsor.

Sponsor Spotlight

At the end of each story. Includes brand story, product information, logo, and link to purchase.

Social Mentions

All sponsorship packages also include social mentions and engagement by Hurray Kimmay.



All sponsorship packages include a link to the post in the Hurray Kimmay newsletter.

Logo Placement

Sponsors get logo placement and a direct link to their site on the campaign homepage.

Additional Coverage

Option for additional content on the Hurray Kimmay blog, including a photo and/or video of Kimmay wearing the sponsor’s product.

Number of Combined Page Views (so far!)

Target Market

Women ages 20-55+

The majority of readers are 25-35

USA & Canada


While the majority of readers are in the USA, this campaign has a global reach, with press and visitors in the UK, France, and even Finland so far! 

How you can get involved!

Let's get started!

Meet our All Female Team

Kim “Kimmay” Caldwell, producer, writer, and creator of the project

Kimmay has worked in the lingerie and intimates industry since 2005. As a bra fitter, she witnessed the confusion and shame in the bra fitting room, and quickly realized how to help women say hurray in a great fitting bra. Since creating Hurray Media, an intimates content marketing company, she has worked with dozens of brands to create inspirational and educational videos, social media campaigns, and overall marketing strategy. As the founder of Hurray Kimmay, she helps women say hurray inside, outside, and underneath™. She walks the walk when it comes to promoting a positive relationship between women and their bodies, often with the use of undergarments and lingerie. Never airbrushing her body and allowing her natural beauty to shine is her trademark.

Laura Boyd

Photographer, Own Your Sexy

Kat Lerner

Assistant, Hurray Media

Zulieka Acosta

Hair and Makeup Artist, Zuzu Beauty

Flor Tejada & Amanda Sabater

Video Production, Next Round Productions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the target audience and what is your reach?

Great question! In general, our audience is:

  • Female
  • Between the ages of 18 and 45, with the highest percentage between 25 and 34 years old
  • Lives in the USA

Other content on my site deals with topics like: body positivity, undergarments, swimwear, style advice, self care, compassion, adventure and travel, and saying hurray inside, outside, and underneath.

In addition to the views this campaign will aggregate on Hurray Kimmay, it will be pitched to major sites, TV shows, and magazines in the women’s health, lifestyle, and day-time/morning TV genres – as well as the lingerie and fashion industry. We have already received press in: MSN, Business Insider, BBC Radio, The Lingerie Journal, and sites in France, and Finland. Hurray for big coverage and spreading the word!

For more details on my social media, newsletter, and website traffic, ask to see my most updated media kit: kimmay (at) hurraykimmay (dot) com

Can Kimmay wear my product in the campaign?

We are sharing the stories of several women, opening up the campaign to a wider audience. A sponsored story features one of our participants. If you would like Kimmay to wear your product, consider the Bikini or Brief sponsorship packages. Each contains additional content on the Hurray Kimmay blog, featuring Kimmay in your products.

Alternatively, you can ask about our other campaigns or custom content, featuring Kimmay: kimmay (at) hurraykimmay (dot) com

Who are the participants/models?

The participants for this campaign are not usually models. These are real, brave women who are sharing their numbers, their stories, and their bodies. Participants are asked to submit an application and will be hand picked by the Hurray Media team. They range in age, ethnicity, and bra size. Our aim is to show the many facets of being a woman – including those who may typically be marginalized or left behind.

Our team will match the participants with a sponsor based best fit – both physically for the bra and underwear, and style wise. We ask you to trust us in choosing the best participant for your story. If you have a special request or requirements, please let us know.

Who will fit the participants? How do I know what size bra(s) to send?

Kimmay will personally fit each participant for the bras, using her 12 years of industry knowledge and bra fitting know how. Participants will go through a positive and possibly life-changing fitting with Kimmay, using your product!

Ideally, Kimmay will fit each participant first, and send you a list of sizes and potential products (see What size range/types of products can sponsor?) to you to send for the final fittings. Based on our arrangement, the Hurray Media team will send back any bras that did not fit or were not used in the campaign. {Alternatively, if the chosen product(s) can be found at a mass retailer, Kimmay can fit the participant into the products and request the exact size needed.} As a thank you to the participant, we ask each brand to allow her to keep the bra (and panty) worn in the shoot.

When will my sponsored story roll out?

We will carefully coordinate the roll out of the campaign content with each brand. Content will be dripped out on a regular basis, keeping interest in the campaign high, and assuring continued interest. If you have a special request based on product availability, or alignment with a special product launch, please let us know. We’ll do our best to accommodate.

Brands who sponsor more than one story will have their content spread out over the course of 2017, keeping in mind the above notes.

Who are the other sponsors?

Our current sponsors list:

  • Elila – full figured undergarments and lingerie
  • harMonica Design – eco friendly bralettes and underwear
  • Own Your Sexy – luxury boudoir photography
  • Hurray Media – lingerie content marketing

We are selective when it comes to the right sponsors. And, we’re open to several industries! Photo and video sponsorships may work best for bra and underwear brands, so that the participant can wear the product. Topical blog post sponsorships are open to any industry, and we highly suggest (and will try our best to match you up) sponsoring a topic related to your field.

What if the shoot date doesn't work for me?

Our goal is to do several shoots this year. As outlined in the sponsorship packages, some brands may be sponsoring more than one story throughout the year. Once the spots fill up for each shoot, they are gone. However, if you’d like to be notified if there is room in a future shoot, please let us know.

Additionally, you can contact Kimmay about other campaigns going on, or creating custom content:  kimmay (at) hurraykimmay (dot) com

What size range/types of products can sponsor?

This campaign started with the idea of the underbust and bust measurements, and bra sizes defining us. We are especially interested in working with bra and lingerie brands who understand the value of knowing our numbers, but not being defined by them. Products can include:

  • Bras:
    • Underwire
    • Non underwire, bralette
    • Post surgical
    • Adhesive or stick on
    • Basics
    • Special occasion
    • Full bust
    • Moderate bust
    • Petite bust

In other words, we’re open to showcasing it all! Chances are, we can showcase your brand. We’ll carefully choose the exact item(s) to share with you, using your merchandising needs and our campaign values as the guide. Our participants size ranges vary drastically and we can always put out a casting call for the right candidate. Have specific questions? Email Kimmay: kimmay (at) hurraykimmay (dot) com

Will you be photo shopping or airbrushing the participants?

Nope! We are devoted to showcasing women in all their natural, real beauty. That means you may see some rolls, cellulite, or “imperfections”. We know you’ll see love.

Can I use the images or video?

We want you to share, for sure! This content is part of the #MoreThanMyNumbers campaign and will be copyrighted by Hurray Media and Hurray Kimmay. We welcome you to share the images on your social media platforms, website, newsletter, and more – always giving credit to the project. All terms of use will be specified in our agreement. If you have a specific question, please let us know.

What if my question is not answered here?

Give us a holler! The best way to get in touch is by emailing kimmay (at) hurraykimmay (dot) com directly.