Meet Kim

It all started with boobs. 

That’s right. At the start of 2005 I was working full time at a shoe store and studying musical theater full time in Manhattan. I was barely able to afford my very modest rent in Spanish Harlem, and jumped at the chance for a $2 raise as a bra fitter at a new shop in SoHo. A classmate had suggested the job. That’s where I met Linda “the Bra Lady” Becker, and how my love affair with lingerie, bra fitting, and helping women feel their best (inside, out, and under) started.

This world is so full of wonderful things and lingerie is just one of them. Join me on my journey to share the people, places, products and projects that make you say “hurray“!

hurray kimmay

Top 10 Facts About Kim “Kimmay” Caldwell:

  1. The nickname Kimmay comes from my first name, Kim, and my maiden last name, Arce. One of my best friends growing up was also a Kim. She was Kim E, which became Kimmy, and I was Kim A, which became Kimmay. Now that I’m married, I’m Kim C, but you can still call me Kimmay.
  2. I married my favorite person in a beautiful ceremony at the Bronx Zoo, the same place where we had our first date.
  3. My cat, Bella, is my most favorite living thing in the entire world. She gives kisses, loves to cuddle, and weighs just five pounds.
  4. I am not afraid to work. I worked 40 hours a week and put myself through college full time, all while making ends meet in very modest (unsafe, crazy, infested…It was downright shady) living arrangements. Life lessons learned!
  5. I have been a bra fitter since 2005 and have since worked for Linda the Bra Lady, Saks Fifth Avenue, and La Perla.
  6. My bra and swimsuit knowledge and I been featured on The Martha Stewart Show (live on NBC), Tim Gunn’s Guide to StyleVeria Living LIVE, and The Better Show as well as quoted in Real Simple, Brides, First for Women and Women’s Health Magazines.
  7. I have seen literally thousands of pairs of breasts. I’ve helped women of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and more, including celebrities and cancer survivors from cup sizes AA-N.
  8. I am half Puerto Rican (my maiden name, Arce, is Spanish for maple) and have two older brothers, an older step sister, a younger step brother and two younger half brothers.  My birthday falls right in the middle.
  9. I have sung at Carnegie Hall with a massive choir, across the country in a 50′s girl group, and at St. Ann’s Warehouse with Karen O and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s (where I got to drag Karen around by her ankles and throw up fake blood on stage!)
  10. I just started my own media company, Hurray Media, and I can’t wait to see where next adventure takes me!

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