The #HurrayVacay is an existing campaign that brands like yours can participate in for a fraction of a typical campaign cost.

You don’t need to create the campaign, content, or marketing plan.

You don’t need to hire the model, find the photographer, pay the writer.

You don’t need to fly your team across the globe.

All you need to do is partner with me and we take care of it all. 

The #HurrayVacay series of campaigns encourages women to take care of themselves, explore, refresh, and be open to new possibilities. They don’t need to travel to exotic locations to feel like they’re on a vacation. They can put a dose of a #HurrayVacay in their day, everyday. Throughout the campaign, I’m also introducing women to empowering lingerie, swimwear, and fashion brands, like yours.

I’m not a model. I’m a soulful lingerie and swimsuit expert, and I love to share my advice for using intimates to feel amazing. Through encouragement and education, I’m helping women say hurray on the inside, outside, and underneath. And I’m ready to do it again.

So far, here’s where the #HurrayVacay campaign has gone:

Florida and Walt Disney World

Tulum and Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Old San Juan and Rincón, Puerto Rico

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Paris, France

The goals of the campaign: 

  • Spread brand awareness and introduce brands and products to a new audience
  • Provide direct links for shopping and conversions
  • Create engaging and shareable content on social media
  • Encourage body positivity and confidence for women of all ages
  • Help the women of the world say hurray

Explore past content on the #HurrayVacay landing page.

Now it’s your turn! Due to popular demand we’re keeping the #HurrayVacay campaign going. I’m looking for empowering swimsuit, loungewear, fashion, and intimates brands to share during this trip.

If you’re looking to share your brand or product in an authentic and inspiring way, this is for you.

Explore Kimmay’s media kit to get to know her audience and reach here.

Trip dates: August 2017 Content dates: September-November 2017  Deadline: August 9th, 2017

Want to discuss your options? Have questions?

Meet the Team!

Meet Kimmay of Hurray Kimmay

Kimmay Caldwell is a lingerie and swimwear expert with over 12 years of industry experience. She has worked as a bra fitter, marketer, on air spokesperson, and writer with brands of all sizes. On her site, Hurray Kimmay, she uses her expertise to inspire women to say hurray inside, outside, and underneath. With a unique blend of humor, honesty, and inspiration, Kimmay educates her readers on the best bra, undergarment, swimsuit, sleepwear, and loungewear options on the market. Clever campaigns and interesting topics delight and motivate consumers to make smart, heart lead purchases and customers for life!

Explore her Media Kit for Hurray Kimmay here.

Meet photographer Becky Yee of Around Digital Media and Becky Yee Photography

Kimmay has partnered with this commercial and art photographer on several photo and video projects including, lifestyle images, marketing images, look books, fashion editorial shoots, how-to videos, on location shoots, and more. Her partnership with Kimmay spans years and thousands of images. Their collaboration has taken the duo all over the world, including Paris, Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Florida, and right in Becky’s NYC studio. Aside from her work with Kimmay, Becky has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion and music around the globe.

Meet photographer Laura Boyd of Own Your Sexy

Laura and Kimmay have created several stunning photo projects in Laura’s gorgeous NYC studio, in a secluded beach in Tulum Mexico, and more. She is the official campaign photographer for the #MoreThanMyNumbers project, capturing real women sharing their stories around numbers. And with a speciality in boudoir, Laura has a keen eye for photographing a woman’s shape, and finding beauty in every photo opportunity. Aside from her work with Kimmay, Laura has photographed thousands of “real women” for boudoir shoots, and continues to grow her business with headshot and lifestyle offerings for female entrepreneurs.



Are you a model?

Not officially. And here’s why that’s a great thing. The women that read my blog and visit Hurray Kimmay are not models either. I’m encouraging non model women to love their non model bodies, because I’m a non model. I have plenty of experience in front of the camera (especially on TV and wearing my swimsuit in O Magazine!) but modeling is not my profession. Though my current body measurements and age suggest that I am “too big and too old” to be a model, I love my body. And I absolutely love encouraging women to love their non model bodies right along with me!

Do I need to provide product? Will it be returned to me?

You’ll provide the chosen products in my size, and mail them to or drop them off at my office in NYC. Products must be received no later than two weeks before the trip dates. If these are samples or we agree they are on loan, I will mail them back to the week of my return.

Will my product be featured on

Did you know that I am the lingerie expert and fashion writer for Hurray! The #HurrayVacay images are intended for use on Hurray Kimmay and on social media, first and foremost. While there is no guarantee how or if these images and your product will be showcased on, I often share them there if they fit into the content plan and monthly pitches. This is a perk, not a guarantee.

What do you mean by "social mentions" exactly?

By social mentions, I mean I will be sending out a Tweet, Facebook post, Instagram post, or Pinterest pin as @hurraykimmay on your behalf. Most, where characters allow, will tag directly to you. All will have a call to action to view, stay tuned, or shop with a link. They’ll be using both images from our campaign, casual phone photos, and images from your site. I’ll divide up the posts based on where your brand likes to participate, and where my readers like to click.

Insta-stories, which “disappear” and get many views, are created separately 🙂 Each will tag your Instagram account.

Can I use the images and video you take?

I encourage you to share the content, for sure! This is a full marketing campaign, designed to provide assets for you to share and along with my participation and endorsement. You can share the images that I create for the campaign publicly on your site, link to the video on your blog, show the blog posts in your newsletter, etc. Use these assets as you want, as long as you provide credit to the campaign and myself, and do not mislead consumers about my endorsement of your brand or product. There are a few rules about what you can or can not do with my image (I’m pretty particular when it comes to photoshopping my body or putting my image in a particularly unflattering or unethical situation) and I intentionally partner with brands who share my values and understand my moral standings on purpose 😉 Hurray!

How long does the giveaway run?

As part of the “brief” package, the giveaway is the BEST way to drive traffic to your site and gather email addresses for your list! It will run for a full month sometime after my return from the trip, with constant promotion and supporting marketing materials and posts to get people to enter and win! We will pick the exact dates together, to make sure the promotion time meets your marketing needs.

What should I share in the giveaway?

Because my readers are of all different ages and sizes, a gift certificate is a popular giveaway item. Or, non sized items and packages. I suggest that the giveaway retail price total be between $100 and $500. It will be provided by you, directly to the winner. I use Rafflecopter to collect entries and pick a winner. Entries are mostly accrued on Instagram, commenting on a blog post, or signing up for a newsletter. We can choose the entry methods based on your brand’s goals.

What kind of products can participate in this?

I’m especially looking to partner with brands that carry or make:

  • swimsuits
  • loungewear
  • fitness or yoga attire
  • sunglasses or hats
  • travel accessories
  • boho style clothing and accessories
  • lingerie and intimates

Any other ideas? Pitch me! I’m open to your ideas.