Bras, bikinis, and business – oh, my

You’ve got an intimates business that you want to share with the world, but how do you do it? How can you rise above the crowd of oversexed brands to share your soulful, empowering, and truly unique lingerie? Working with traditional marketers is tough. They just don’t get the lingerie world. And going it out there alone feels scary. I get it.

Don’t you wish there was a lingerie marketer who had years of bra fitting experience? Can you imagine the peace of mind you’d feel if your marketing partner was a friendly face who has fit thousands of your ideal customers, and heard straight from their mouths the fears they have, the comfort they’re seeking, and the styles they adore? Wouldn’t it just be divine if this person could help you share your brand in an authentic and empowering way? Lucky for you – that’s what I do.

My name is Kim Caldwell, and you can call me Kimmay. My journey of working in the lingerie, sleepwear, and swimwear world began waaaay back in 2005. That’s when YouTube was founded, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were together, and Oprah announced a “Bra Revolution“. Since then, the intimates world (and my life) have never been the same again.

In my decade+ in this industry:

  • I have fit thousands of women for bras, swimsuits, and more in AA-N cup sizes
  • I have trained as a bra fitter at a family owned boutique, Linda the Bra Lady, and went on years later to run their marketing
  • I was the brand merchandiser at Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman for La Perla
  • I have shared my expertise on TV, in magazines, and in commercials (see my full press and guest expert appearances)
  • I have modeled a cup sized swimsuit in O Magazine

Now, I write about lingerie as the lingerie expert for, share my heartfelt recommendations on my website Hurray Kimmay, encourage and educate women on Hurray Kimmay TV, and partner with amazing intimates brands on marketing campaigns, videos, and more right here through Hurray Media. I talk about bra fitting, intimates, underwear, shapewear, loungewear, sleepwear, and swimsuits and the opportunity they give women to say hurray a lot.

In short: I mention unmentionables. 

Want me to mention your unmentionables? Let’s connect!


Want to know more about me?

  • I was based in NYC for 16 year but grew up in Rochester, NY (almost Canada). In the Fall of 2019 I moved to rural Oklahoma! 
  • I love to sing! I have sung at Carnegie Hall, with the rock band The Yeah Yeah Yeahs in a “psycho opera”, and I sat on the board (and in the Soprano section) of The Astoria Choir.
  • I had my first date with  my husband at the Bronx Zoo, and we were married there 6 years later next to two rhinos.
  • I have five brothers and one sister, plus nieces and nephews galore.
  • I am a proud (and ever so slightly obsessed) cat owner to a strawberry blonde cat named Sunny.
  • My grandpa was one of 12 kids! My grandparents are from Puerto Rico and I love speaking in (and learning) Spanish.